I was born in a small city in Southern Italy in 1983 and since childhood I had a great passion for art and drawing. To confirm this, I majored in Art History in 2008 at the University of Lecce and I did a master’s degree, also in the artistic field, in Florence at Palazzo Spinelli. In 2009 I started the project of crafts Bussola creations of which I follow all stages (planning,production, promotion and sale). Set aside over the years the most purely artisanal section, I’m focusing lately on the artistic one, developing tatebanko (three-dimensional squares developed in various levels completely made by paper that refer to the Japanese tradition of the Edo Period) and, most of all, engraving linoleum and studying various artisan printing techniques as an autodidact. My preference for these two techniques, etching and paper cutting, is due to my love for the paper in general, with its many shades and its always different soul, and for the therapeutical role that the act of removing material by cutting or engraving it, has. I also like to mix different materials and styles and combine techniques. I like to use for example linocut technique to produce handicraft items or to use my basic craft knowledge to build myself the necessary equipment for linocut printing or others (for example the press, the dryer for prints etc.).

For about a year I set up a small studio where I carry on my work, it is located in a small town in southern Italy and that is called Putignano, famous for its carnival, one of the oldest in Europe. This small studio is my refuge and my point of departure and return, but it is also the headquarters of exchanges and collaborations with friends and colleagues. It is located in an small country but it has never been perceived as a limit for me because through social networks and online platforms I can reach many people, artists, ideas, customers or kindred souls.